From 1970 to today our activity has focused on the quality and flexibility of realization of customer requests.
Quality resulting from a continuous commitment.


The company was born in the early 70s in Caprile (Biella), as a small artisan business with no employees and it has developed over the years, by passing from an artisan textile business equipped with 4 shuttle looms up to the current

40 automatic rapier looms
2 drawing-in machines
5 knotting machines

Our business philosophy is focused on the provision for customers with a reliable weaving service, technical skills and flexibility in order to implement every customer request, by ensuring speed of delivery and production efficiency.


Marco and Massimo manage the entire production chain. At the head of the company, they direct and supervise the entire manufacturing process, starting from the receptivity of orders.

Marco - Administration

Massimo - Management of the technical department